“This time of pandemic, continues to remind us of the importance of family, fellowship, and community; as we continue to walk through this time of pandemic together, our church board continues to provide leadership for The Cross seeking to be consistent with Christ’s command to “love one another” and our Core Values. 
First, would we continue to be a place of grace and love for each other. We live in a world that is increasingly polarized and divided; and it is so important for us to model gracious love for each other. I love that our community of faith is diverse enough, that each Sunday I get to worship with individuals who think and feel differently than I do on  a variety of issues; grace and love, not agreement, are required for community,
Second, there is a difference between the decisions that are made as individuals, as families, and as a church community. Just as parents make decisions differently when they are making a decision for themselves and for their children; there is a different decision-making process when making a decision for a family and a congregation.
Lastly, as your church board we are not attempting to take on the role of public health officials. We believe that God has graciously given some individuals the wisdom and knowledge to give public health guidance on a “macro” level; our desire is that we would be understood to be a community that cares for the community around us and shares the light and life of Christ, one of the ways that we can do that is to be good citizens in our community. 
To that end, as we have done from the beginning of the pandemic, we are informed by the guidelines of the CDC and from the state of Delaware. These are not a set of static guidelines, these guidelines have changed as more information becomes known about the virus and as the number of cases in our community rise and fall. Currently, we are asking those who attend The Cross to: 
  • Monitor your health carefully, covid affects people differently; so if you have a fever or do not feel well, please worship with us online for the week. 
  • If you are unvaccinated, please wear a mask and continue to observe social distancing to help protect others in our church family 
  • If you are vaccinated, while wearing a mask is not required; doing so provides an extra level of safety and is a way that we can help to care for those in our congregation who may be more apprehensive at the moment. 
  • Since children under twelve are not currently eligible to receive the vaccine; we will still be requiring mask in children’s church for all our elementary aged children. “