We would love to have you join us for worship on Sunday @ 10:30AM; we understand that every person has questions before a new experience, so here are answers to some of the more common questions that we are asked. If there is other information that would be helpful for you to know, pease don’t hesitate to send us an email through our “Contact Us” page

Common Questions

Where is The Cross

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You can find The Cross at 1818 North Little Creek Road just outside of Dover (1/4 mile east of State Rd 1). Surrounded by fields and beautiful farmland, it is fairly easy to find our building.
There are parking spaces around the building, and you will be warmly greeted as you arrive. 

What should I expect when I visit? 

Walking into a new environment can be a bit stressful, our goal is to make our morning worship services as comfortable as possible. We have hot coffee, hot chocolate, and hot tea. 
We would advise you to arrive a few minutes early to find a seat of to give adequate time to register your children for children’s church. 

How long is the service? 

A typical worship service at The Cross lasts about 75 minutes and includes a message that is relevant to real life and encouraging. We love to sing about how God has worked throughout history and in our lives; you are welcome to sing along or simply listen (whatever is comfortable for you). 
We will take an offering during the service (because we believe that a part of worship is honoring God with a portion of what God has given us) but would never ask a guest to give, so please do not feel obligated to do so. 

What time does service begin? 

Our worship service begins at 10:30am each Sunday; we would suggest arriving 5 or 10 minutes early so that you will have time to get some coffee, find a seat, or register your children for children’s church 

Will my children be in the service with me?

We believe that church should be a safe, welcoming and enjoyable experience for everyone; so we have unique schedules for our children.
Preschool – Children (birth – kindergarten) have a special service in the nursery during the entire adult service. 
Elementary – Elementary age children are invited to attend children’s church. 
All children are required to be registered; so that we can ensure that our children are safe and that only a parent/guardian picks them up after the service 
Because the safety of kids is important to is, every adult in the room with your children has undergone a criminal background check

How should I dress?

Please be comfortable; at The Cross you will find some people who prefer to wear a dress or suit jacket and tie, and others who are more comfortable in shorts and t-shirts. Our lead pastor hasn’t worn a tie on a Sunday since he has been a part of The Cross.
It is more important to us that you are comfortable, than what clothes you are wearing. 

What about the music? 

We sing a variety of songs, many songs you hear on the radio, some songs that you may have heard when you were growing up, and maybe some songs that you have never heard before.
Although, each week is a little different; you will typically see and hear a keyboard, guitars, drums, and voices.
We love to sing about what God has done throughout history and in our lives. You are welcome to sing along or simply listen. 

Will I be “singled out”

We would never do anything to intentionally make you uncomfortable; we will welcome you as you walk into the building, offer you a complimentary travel mug and coffee, and invite you into the sanctuary (where we have our service). We will not do anything to draw attention to you. 
We would be honored if you would take the “Connection Card” (it’s a part of the bulletin that you will receive when you come in the door), fill it out, and drop it in the offering plate as it goes by. 

What if I don’t know all the “church words”  

Than you will feel “at home” with us; because we don’t think that a person should have need a “foreign language” class in order to understand what is happening in a church service.
We use normal everyday words to talk about God, and we work to ensure that no one is confused by what is happening in our services.