Lead Pastor Dean Shaw

Pastor Dean was previously the pastor of South Carroll Church of the Nazarene in Maryland after moving from Michigan. He has earned a bachelor’s degree (Nazarene Bible College), and a master’s of divinity (Liberty University). He is currently pursuing a Doctoral degree in Spiritual Formation and Discipleship (Nazarene Theological Seminary). Dean is originally from England and loves sports such as football (soccer), cricket, rugby, and golf. He is married to Kristy who is a substitute teacher and they have two children, Alex and Hannah, who love Jesus and keep them both busy. When Dean is not involved with ministry, he likes to spend time with his family, and looks forward to being involved in the local Dover area. Email Pastor Dean at:  


Associate Pastors

Rev Kay Lynn Bright – Care Pastor 
Pastor Kay Lynn is a graduate from Nazarene Bible College where

she earned a Bachelor’s degree with a major in “Counseling for Christian Ministers” and a minor in “Pastoral Ministries” and was ordained just last year. Being born and raised here in Dover, she has attended The Cross most of her life. Over the years she has served in many positions, but her favorite is Care Pastor. Her passion is to love God’s children and help them in any way she is able. She is married to Bill Bright and  has 2 children Rachael Stone and Timothy (Seth) Pettit, both grown adults married with children of their own (7 grandchildren to be exact). Email Pastor Kay Lynn at:

Rev Rachael Carr – Associate Pastor of Music
Pastor Rachael, and her husband Ray, are both originally from Maine. She is a graduate of Nazarene Bible College with a degree in Pastoral Ministries, Biblical Languages and Music, and is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene.  Pastor Rachael has held many different positions in various churches over the years including being a church secretary, Mis

sions President, SS Superintendent & teacher, leading VBS and counseling at various children & teen camps. Her favorite is leading music in worship.  She feels that, “worship should be in everything we do, every single day, to a

nd for God’s glory. I just get the enormous privilege of facilitating that on a Sunday. ” Pastor Rachael and Ray have two son’s, Caleb and David, both grown, and two grandchildren who are a great joy.  She says, ” I know that without my family’s support, and our faith in God, none of this is possible. He is the reason we are who, what, and where w
e are. We are blessed to call The Cross home.” Email Pastor Rachael at:
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