Check back here for exciting updates on the process of selecting a pastor! Here is a letter from Dr. David Bowser, the midatlantic superintendent of the Nazarene Church, detailing the process. 

Mid-Atlantic District

Dover The Cross Church of the Nazarene

Steps in Calling a Pastor

June 26, 2022

  1. The District Superintendent meets with the local church board to begin the process of calling a pastor. This includes the following steps:
          •  Urging prayer as a necessary ingredient for determining God’s will.
          • Selection of an interim pastor. (The interim pastor will not be considered as a candidate for pastor.)
          • Enabling the church board and congregation to develop a profile of the person that should serve as pastor.
          • Considering the records of those persons who are to be considered potential nominees for the office of pastor.
  1. The church board, under the direction of the District Superintendent, will select a person as a possible nominee and arrangements will be made for a personal interview. The board will be expected to keep any names of potential pastors confidential, and it will be appreciated if the congregation honors this expectation.


  1. Following the interview, the church board will meet in executive session to evaluate the information gained from the interview. Then a ballot vote will be taken as to whether this person will be nominated to the church membership. If at least a two-thirds majority of the board members vote affirmatively, and the District Superintendent approves, the name will be presented to the church membership for formal voting.


  1. In compliance with the requirements of the Manual, the meeting of the church membership for voting on a prospective pastor will be announced in at least two preceding regular services.


  1. Before voting, the congregation will have the opportunity to meet with the pastoral candidate in order to get acquainted.


  1. In the church meeting, all active members (age 15 and above) will be entitled to vote. The call of the pastor requires a two-thirds favorable vote by ballot of the church members of voting age present and voting. There is no allowance for absentee voting.


  1. When the call is extended to the minister under consideration, the minister will communicate acceptance of the call no later than 15 days from the date of the church meeting voting that call.